Using the MOM2

200 А Микроомметър колкото дланта на ръката ти!

Weighing in at only 1 kg, the Megger MOM2 is 200 A micro-ohmmeter fully capable of testing circuit breaker contact resistance to IEC 62271-100.

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Equipment for testing transformers

Пълно решение за тестване на трансформатори

Despite their versatility and ease of handling, at 32 kg in transport case, the TRAX220 is the lightest test set of its type and can even be transported by air as check-in luggage. The test sets in this range make no performance compromises and provide results that are just as accurate and dependable as those obtained from separate instruments.

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TDS NT test set

Комбиниране на тест кабел и диагностика за ефективност

Megger’s new TDS NT test set offers comprehensive facilities not only for standards-compliant testing of power cables, but also for diagnosing and accurately locating cable faults. 

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MIT400 Mk 2 handheld insulation testers

Контролирайте нивото на натоварване

Dependable test results in an exceptionally wide range of applications are guaranteed with handheld insulation testers in the new MIT400 Mk 2 range from Megger. The new instruments feature feedback-stabilised test voltages that not only ensure tests are always carried out to specification, but also that the risk of overvoltage damage to circuits and components is minimal.

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BVM battery monitor

Намалете разходите за елеминиране на неизправност по батерията

By offering a convenient and reliable way of monitoring the voltage of individual cells during storage battery discharge testing, the new BVM battery monitor from Megger allows failing cells to be readily located. This means that battery performance and reliability can be restored by simply replacing the defective cells, rather than the much more costly option of replacing the whole battery.

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S1 series 5 kV and 10 kV DC insulation resistance testers

Надеждни измервания, където и да работите

With class-leading noise rejection "twice that of most comparable instruments" and  enhanced software filtering with four user-selectable options, Megger's new S1 series 5 kV and 10 kV DC insulation resistance testers deliver dependable results in even the most severe electrical environments, including extra high-voltage substations. 

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TDR2050 time domain reflectometer

Намерете грешките на захранващия кабел по-бързо с новия TDR

Portable test equipment expert Megger has added a CAT IV 600 V time domain reflectometer (TDR) to its popular and successful TDR2000 range. The instrument has been designed specifically to meet the needs of DNOs to speed up the location of faults on live or dead LV networks.

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RES logo

Важно изявление за всички потребители на RES тестови системи

Following the acquisition of Relay Engineering Services Ltd by Megger Group, the following product lines will be replaced with the Megger alternative.

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Представяне на бюлетини за управлението на живота на трансформатора

Introducing Megger Transformer Life Management (TLM) Bulletins and how they can help you:

To aid in the building, growth, maintenance and organisation of a library (corporate or personal), Megger has developed a comprehensive series of Transformer Life Management (TLM) bulletins that broadly cover the fundamentals of managing the life of a transformer. The bulletins span topics from moisture in transformers to each of the many electrical tests available to assess the condition of a transformer or instrument transformer. Moisture in transformers, for example, is a huge subject so there is value in overview summary publications that introduce the topic. If you collect all publications you can find on a topic, Megger TLM bulletins would be suitable to place at the front of each collection to introduce and frame that subject.

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CDAX 605 test set

Измервайте капацитета и фактора на разсейване с точност

For transformer manufacturers, test laboratories, power utilities and others with a need to measure capacitance and dissipation factor at high voltages, Megger's new CDAX 605 test set provides a convenient, cost-effective and versatile solution. Faster and easier to use than even self-balancing capacitance bridges, more versatile and at least as accurate, the innovative CDAX 605 combines an exceptionally wide measuring range with fully automatic operation.

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